One of Australia's most talented and endearing Singer Songwriters, Simon Marks is nothing if not adaptable. Simon has toured the globe, and the country intensively over the last decade, and in that, shares with his loyal listeners a saddlebag of stories about life, love and loss. Sometimes sad, sometimes funny, but always captivating, Simon remains one of Australia's most remarkable storytellers. 

Having lived in, and extensively toured Canada and the United States, before settling in Western Australia, Simon has built a faithful and devoted band of followers. Recently moving to the East Coast of Australia (rural Victoria) I.D.M stumbled upon Simon, and together our mission is to continue to spread the joy of Simons music to a broader Audience. 

From upbeat tales of falling in love with a lesbian (Favorite Non-Lesbian) to the impassioned farewell to his Grandmother (Farewell) to the joys of busking (Rather Be). Simon Marks is above all consistently diverse. Simon's live shows are a true joy to be part of, and need to be experienced at leat once in your lifetime. Simon delivers his live stories with a conviction of someone who has been here many times before. 

Simon has worked with many of Australia's premier music talents from the recording of his debut EP "B" in 2010 with Ben Franz (The Waifs) and Jason Bunn (Orchestra Victoria) to the release of his first full length album "Fight the Good Fight" (2012) and through to the best selling "Crackle of the Radio" recorded between Fremantle (WA) and British Columbia (Canada).

   NEW ALBUM "Big River, Little Stories" is OUT NOW!


The real deal is available via or from Bandcamp.  You can also check out more of Simon's work on his website and facebook page.

                    First single from the new album "Misfit".  Check it out HERE